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An evening with the IT Girls

The date – Thursday 7th June 2018

The occasion – our London Showcase

The venue – ‘Proud Embankment’, a brand new cabaret venue.

Before I continue, huge thanks to the kind and wonderful Mr Alex Proud for allowing us to use this spectacular establishment.

Yes, we’ve done these before, yes they’ve been hugely successful but as the old saying goes in Showbiz: You’re only as good as your last gig, so, I was nervous, very nervous! There were sooo many things running through my head and so many things to do! From trying to get my contact lenses in (I’m new at that, btw) to thinking ‘have I got every prop and costume detail finalised!’, I was a nervous wreck! There were so many people I wanted to impress and more importantly I wanted to put on a show that lived up to the brand’s name and the audience’s expectations.

While it’s always a challenge to put on a showcase, I find it’s always totally worth it and completely rewarding so as always, the excitement and anticipation overshadowed the nerves.

Creating a Showcase requires all the ingredients that I’m pretty sure lie at the core of what makes me tick as a creative person….. #Teamwork. I love seeing talented artists, especially women, come together and support each other; befriending each other and doing what they love #together. We, the IT Girls, are a female owned and operated company and we feel we have always been apart of the empowering women movement. So in 2018, with female empowerment being at its height, I felt it was crucial that we celebrated our 14th year as an all female collective.

Saying that however, we believe firmly in gender equality and have, over the past couple of years, invited more male artists into ‘our gang’ as we recognise how male and female artists bring something different and unique to the table. It surprises us though sometimes that as an all female collective, we continue to be much loved and respected by the women in our audiences. Perhaps it’s the sparkle and #girlpower vibe we give off or maybe its the way the IT Girls ooze love and support for their fellow sisters on and off stage. All we know is that girls that perform together stay together.

I’m very proud of the ‘home’ I have created for primarily female artists. We believe however that our brand appeals to a wide range of ages and genders  and that we perform shows designed to be enjoyed by #everyone #together. And just like my artists, who love to dance and perform together, that’s exactly how we like to finish up our shows – with each and every guest up and dancing together no matter what their age or gender. Our aim is for you, as an audience member, to leave the venue with a magical memory of the night you saw, danced and partied with the IT girls. Our ultimate aim is to provide you with the time of your life! We’d like to thank all our clients, all the wonderful audiences we’ve had the joy of performing for and all the people who continue to collaborate with and support us. Thank you all!


And a final special thank you to all the IT Girls and Boys who put in so many hours of hard work to make this wonderful evening possible.

And an extra special thank you to all who came to support us.

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