Safe & sparkling shows! Tips for Covid-secure performances (When In doubt dance it out!)

It was a drizzly morning in early July 2020 and my beloved local boot camp class had resumed on Abbey fields, Colchester. “Let the endorphins flow!” I thought to myself as I drove towards the field. I love this class and It felt so good to be outdoors exercising with real people again. People that you could touch (if it were legal of course!) This was a totally safe class… 2 metres apart and all that.

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The Girl who choreographs cabaret……

It’s not often you get time to sit down and reflect. And it’s even rarer to have time to get your thoughts down into words, which is why I was so thankful to be interviewed by a good friend the other day.

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The rise of the super women (AKA the Super IT Girl)

As I repeatedly drummed my fingers against my desk (little finger first, of course) I thought about where to begin with new costume ideas for my wonderful IT Girls. I mean they are incredible women and deserve only the best, most amazing and creative costumes! I also wanted to celebrate 15 years of The IT Girls being fabulous and producing world class entertainment, not to mention the female friendships we have made along the way.

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