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Bagless in Bulgaria

‘We’ve located your bag Miss Dennis, it’s at Heathrow. Don’t worry it will arrive tomorrow’ …. What!!! Tomorrow!?!! But I’m only here for 2 nights? The vocalist’s dresses are in my case!!

 I’m standing in Sofia Airport, Bulgaria, with nothing but the clothes on my back, for a lovely 2 night trip away with my Itties, but of course my case has been left at Heathrow! My tooth brush, underwear, adaptor plug; basically everything I need for my trip is in my case!

So allow me to fill you in…. The IT Girls had been invited to entertain guests at a VIP Diamond themed wedding reception in Bulgaria. The beautiful couple in question live in Monaco but are Bulgarian so flew back to the Black Sea to celebrate with their nearest and dearest. Wanting the occasion to be one to remember, they obviously booked the IT Girls to entertain their special guests.

Back at Sofia airport, British Airways finally found a way to get my case to me the following evening, (but we’re talking on an ‘only-maybe’ basis. No guarantee Miss Dennis). So, leaving all my trusted belongings in the hands of BA, I had no choice but to hop into our transfer and head to the hotel with my Itties. Just a short transfer ….5 hours! Yes that’s right; 5 hours! And all in the name of art, Ladies & Gents. Luckily i had great company; including our new IT boy vocalist Mr Aston Dobson, who, I might add, is fabulous BTW! Justin Timberlake, if you’re out there and reading this (which you most probably are) Aston knocks the socks off your recent No1 hit ‘Can’t stop the feeling’. Sorry, but it’s true! 

Also among this dream team were Lyndsay, our percussionist, Kit on Sax, Jo Jo on Vocals and 4 of our fabulous dancers, Liz, Keeley, Claire and not forgetting the amazing Miss Kayleigh Ross, She is not only a beautiful IT Girl dancer but is also my Assistant Creative Director and the Artist Manager. She did a phenomenal job, as always, organising the team, the costumes and helping to set up for the show.

After a great night’s sleep ( in a borrowed T shirt) and a fabulous soundcheck with a seriously great AV team, we were ready to rock’n’roll and put on a  show! But wait…where is my case? I was still luggageless and Jo Jo, our vocalist, needed her beautiful gowns for this beautiful occasion!

Suddenly, my iPhone flashes and it’s Giovanna, our Scarlett Entertainment agent informing me that my case is at reception. Hooray!!!! With just 2 hours before the show, I was over the moon that my lifesaving case had finally found its way to me! We were now totally set for a sparkling show. And how did we sparkle! 

The wedding was very much a family affair and so we made sure that the children, grandparents and the Bride & Groom were on the dance floor, dancing until the early hours.

It was such a great feeling knowing that, with our luxurious show, we helped to create a magical night to remember for all the guests at this very special occasion. 

I may have been bagless for a while there in Bulgaria but it was all worth it when we saw just how much everyone enjoyed the night. 

Thanks for having us Bulgaria and thanks must also go to Scarlett Entertainment for booking us. And let’s not forget our very own Bee Maquaire for managing this booking.

And lastly,  although I forgive you BA… please don’t do it again! X

Sometimes you just need to read something that has ‘sparkle’ written all over IT. Together with Fran & Kayleigh it’s my job to deliver twinkly tales of parties, events & amazing adventures to you all!
Love Tracy xxx

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