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Well the IT Girls thought it would be ‘dark & stormy’ in Berlin but the Tequila sun definitely did rise!

Straight off the plane & to soundcheck on our jenga style stage the It girls were thoroughly looked after at Cisco live 2016.

The show went down an absolute storm with the 10,000 strong crowd & our signature show dazzled, and lit up the fantastic arena.

We didn’t stop there though as later that night we performed on the main stage with the Owen Parker band, dancing in our own 3 story scaffold and feeling like rockstars. – another collaboration is definitely on the cards.
Who knew Corsets, cocktails & Rock would be such a perfect combination.

With a massive special thanks and flutter to Johnny, Todd & Fran.

Love Miss K

Hello beautiful readers! If you love stories with sparkle you’re in the right place! I’m one of the dancers as well as Assistant Creative Director for the IT Girls. I hope you enjoy my amazing experiences as an IT Girl! Love Kayleigh.

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