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Bright Young Things

Claridge’s is London’s art deco jewel. It is possibly the most charming luxurious & friendliest hotel I think I have set foot in. Designed to perfection in the 1920s, many of its original features remain impeccably in place.

During the late 1920s London’s bright young things were partying at Claridge’s as if their lives depended upon it.  In the vibrant years after the end of the First World War, flappers, bobs and the bright young things of London made Claridge’s their place to party and the ballroom echoes to the songs of Gershwin, the sounds of jazz and the steps of the Charleston.
Fast forward to 2017 and The IT Girls are the bright young things of today that were invited to entertain the famous Claridge’s ballroom with their 1920’s inspired party show.  The sparkling flapper dresses, knee high pop socks , long satin gloves and turban inspired head bands were carefully laid out in our divine Claridge’s hotel room for each IT Girl to slip into and of course the girls looked positively like the bright young things that sparkle among London’s luxury parties of today.
Shortly after our fabulous elevator ride down to the ballroom. Please allow me to just quickly elaborate about that wonderful experience! The elevator has a smartly dressed man that pushes all the right buttons for you! I mean what girl wouldn’t won’t that whilst perched elegantly on the elevators fabulous seat! Yes a seat! In the elevator, it just gets more fabulous doesn’t it!
So the party was in full swing when The IT Girls entered the ballroom but of course it was about to get better as The IT Girls performed the Charleston showing tribute to this wonderful roaring twenties theme but also in true IT Girl fashion they added a modern twist to their show ensuring every guest was up and dancing on the dance floor.
The awesome Miss Jo Jo’s live vocals impressed each and every guest including our client! Yay! Well done Jo Jo and we must not forget the sensational IT Girl dancers Miss Marie, Miss Stacey Miss Claire & Miss Kayleigh (who is also our amazing artist manager and costume extraordinaire).  For this particular performance we were also joined by Diamond boy Mr Gavin Wyatt on vocals who as always was superb. Thanks also goes to our amazing event coordinator Frances Park who made sure The IT Girls entertainment ran effortlessly smooth both behind the scenes & front of house.
And we cannot thank Claridge’s enough for being a wonderful host and for the most amazing luxurious sandwiches we have ever tasted! Not only were they delicious but they had the crusts cut off too! Oh the devil is in the detail!
And lastly thank you to our wonderful loyal agent Peri Peri events.
We can not wait to grace Claridge’s again with our luxury entertainment shows.  But until then remember folks ..
‘A little party never killed no body!’ 

Sometimes you just need to read something that has ‘sparkle’ written all over IT. Together with Fran & Kayleigh it’s my job to deliver twinkly tales of parties, events & amazing adventures to you all!
Love Tracy xxx

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