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Feathers or Facebook?

This is the year 2017 and we are in full swing in the ‘digital age’; Instagram, FB, Twitter ; the apps are endless. The perfect life, complexion and figure can all be yours thanks to slimming and beauty apps showing images that don’t tell the full story only the great bits!

To be honest,  I’m not completely sure how I feel about these ‘body altering’ apps & the ‘too good to be true’ lives some people feel compelled to share with us mere mortals, but that’s a story for another day.

What I find interesting in a world filled with so much choice is that so many of us still choose to invest our time and hard-earned cash in live entertainment. It’s as old as time but still numerous people from all generations who actively choose to devote their time & full engagement (with perhaps their favourite tipple in hand) to watching live shows in all their variety; and this, in spite of the emergence of competing platforms.

Relax, enjoy & ……Be in the moment ….’Be in the moment ???’

All sounds a bit spiritual doesn’t it? Spirituality and entertainment are not normally two words that you see sitting comfortably together sipping cocktails, so at the risk of sounding too bohemian, for the topic in hand I would like to look deeper into why we IT Girls do what we do.

I have come to realise that to conjure up that electric atmosphere between both the audience and the spectator, it takes a dedicated, genuinely engaged audience and an amazing performance. If you’ve ever been an audience member then you have probably spent top dollar on your theatre ticket, not to mention the obligatory expenditure on your little black dress and fabulous heels that you’ve worn to your special event.

But whatever financial input you have invested, it will be completely worth it because what outstanding live entertainment gives its audience is an experience that is so much more than the reality of what you’ve paid for. Even more than great vocals, an ‘on-point’ band and fabulous dancing, you experience pure enjoyment, escapism, and the thrill of being drawn into and losing yourself in a moment (which let’s face it, not many things can do these days.) You are engrossed in the action, totally focused on what you are viewing and nothing can or will be allowed to interrupt this moment; no flicking through Instagram whilst watching Netflix while pausing to take a call. Just the moment…

Live entertainment cries out “Can I have your full attention please?!” And if you’re willing to give that, then the rewards can be magical and can transform themselves into amazing memories that you will have forever.

Unlike many other platforms of entertainment such as Netflix or Now TV (and I’m not knocking them as I love a good TV series sitting in my comfy onesie), live entertainment can provide us with ‘real moments’ to cherish. These moments usually arrive when we have reason to celebrate and life can be full of such celebratory times – birthdays, weddings, awards evenings, fundraising benefits; all opportunities to pop on those glad rags, celebrate life and gather more memories for the memory bank.

When I listen to people speak about a special memory never do I hear…..

“Remember that time I put on my PJ’s, coated my face in a Clarins face mask and watched the box set of Breaking Bad, sipping on a ‘Meal Deal’ bottle of red?”

I think you’d agree that this hardly qualifies as a ‘special moment in time’ (no disrespect to Breaking Bad, face masks or a cheaper bottle of red of course ).

And when I hear friends and family talk about a fond memory, the entertainment from a special evening is the thing that often stays in people’s minds long after the particulars of the event itself have faded into some obscurity.

So that’s why 13 years on, we, IT Girls, we are as dazzling as ever (maybe more so?) and in demand more than we were a decade ago.

People of this generation have proven that live entertainment is alive and kicking. From Burlesque to Broadway shows, from Football matches to Festivals, today’s ‘shows’ are often cutting edge, modern and yet imbedded in the glories of the past. Today’s audiences are proof that live is in demand more than ever before!

It is true that most of us bury our heads in our phone, most of the time. We are guilty of forgetting to stop and notice the world that is moving around us. I for one am guilty as charged!

But what happens if you do choose to look up, if you choose to engage and shut out the constant stream of social media, just for one evening? What happens then, if you choose to invite the ‘live’ into your world? Well then I can guarantee you’ll have a special moment within you for the rest of your life. And when your friends, your grandchildren or just a stranger you happen to chat to, enquire about a time when you had the best night ever,  you’ll reach for that memory, encased in a sparkly box of reminisces and you’ll relive that moment all over again in all its glory!

Who you choose to share the memory of that ‘moment’ with is up to you but be sure to make that person feel as special as you did on the night you chose Music, Dance, Feathers and Disco over Facebook!

And we’d like to end by saying; Thank you to all our supporters and thanks to all you folks out there who continue to support the performing arts; without you all there would be no ‘live’ in ‘live performance’!

Sometimes you just need to read something that has ‘sparkle’ written all over IT. Together with Fran & Kayleigh it’s my job to deliver twinkly tales of parties, events & amazing adventures to you all!
Love Tracy xxx

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