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Frankfurt you’re fabulous!

My trusty sat nav told me it was 5.35am on the dot as I turned into my dear friend and fellow IT Girl dancer, Miss Marie’s road in Chelmsford on a dark February morning…

Reaching for my iPhone to let Miss M know that I’d arrived, I couldn’t help but admire my new Swarovski crystal covered phone case – I’m just too bling for words sometimes – which looked as sparkly as ever despite the dismal light of a British winter’s morn! (Free advertising should equate to some freebies methinks, no?) Before I could even type her name into ‘Contacts’, I heard the boot pop and there was the lady herself trying to load her luggage.

‘Hey babes!’ chirped a slightly sleepy but still cheery Miss Marie, ‘Will my case fit? Shall I move the feathers over?’ And so ensued a game of  Tetris played with cases full of costumes and props! Such fun! It turns out that transporting 18 costumes for my bevy of IT Girls who were all set to embark on an international event was… well let’s just say, a removal van would have been a wise move! Undaunted however and after much perseverance the boot finally closed, Marie hopped in the passenger seat and away we went.

‘ETA 7.03 am. We have plenty of time to get to Heathrow, ‘ I said as we flew down the A12; glimpses of pastel colours appearing over the Essex fields, signalling the onset of daylight. We tore open the breakfast of all champions, M&S Percy Pigs, and continued on our merry way,  destined for Frankfurt and a VIC; Very Important (global) Client, Panasonic. Feeling fabulous to be embarking on such an exciting adventure (well technically it was work but let’s just stick with calling it an ‘adventure’ ) and with the sounds of Chris Evans’ witty repartee on his breakfast radio show, we were feeling fine and very optimistic that the trip would go well. 

Is that it, you ask? 

I know; so far the recount of this journey is going way too smoothly for any blog post worth reading and it isn’t exactly riveting stuff…I mean, where’s all the juicy goss as promised? Where’s the drama?

Cue one up-turned lorry on the M25.  That’s better, I hear you sigh – no blog is complete without some nail-biting-tension-filled moments. 

‘Did they get there? Did they arrive on time?’ I can hear you holding your breath with antici…..pation!

Well to cut a long story short…yes we did…. just! Thank goodness for Heathrow Terminal 2 valet parking, ‘We salute you’, for being a life saver of a service (though my bank account could’ve done without the teensy dent caused by the bill!) 

Safely arrived at Heathrow, albeit with numb bums from spending 3 and a bit hours sitting in the car, Marie and I charged through Heathrow T2 with a trolley loaded up to be quite possibly as tall and as wide as the plane we were hoping to board! 

‘There’s Claire!’ Marie cried out. Claire (may I add) looked calm and collected and was positively glowing with relaxation despite having been waiting upon our arrival for almost 2 hours. 

‘Oh girls,’ she asked, genuinely concerned, ‘Are you ok?’ Claire, who is one of our gorgeous dancers, also happens to be one of the loveliest people you are ever likely to meet.  While the ground staff tagged our cases with bright orange ‘Heavy’ tags, we reassured her that we were fine, if a little frazzled and fraught from our prolonged journey.  ‘Where is Stacey?’ we enquired. (To enlighten you all, Miss Stacey was another fabulous dancer on this Germany bound team.) ‘She’s still in the M25 traffic and sounds as though she needs a brown bag to breathe into!’ gasped Claire.

Cue another suspense-filled moment…will Miss Stacey make it?!!!! 

If this was a black and white movie, there would be a close-up still of my worried, tired, make-up free face accompanied by the inimitable and dread inducing famous sound effect: Da da daaaaaa….Da da daaaaaa….

But of course Stacey made it in time. We all did! 

‘Phew!’ I hear you sigh. So all 10 of us Itties successfully boarded the Lufthansa flight from Heathrow to Frankfurt, feathers, frazzled nerves and all and headed off to our wonderful hosts in Deutschland!

At this point, we must thank the lovely people at Panasonic, ‘Vielen Dank!’, for inviting us to entertain their wonderful European & UK colleagues. It is always a pleasure and even more so when you arrive to find yourselves booked into a fabulously trendy, boutique hotel!

Needless to say, the show was a resounding success (our clients expect nothing less and neither do you, we know!) and we had a wonderful time entertaining their guests. On our return to the hotel though, we got the feeling that the bar staff weren’t quite prepared when 10, stunningly Amazonian, 6ft-something IT Girls ( in heels, of course) rocked up after the show gasping for some bubbles on a Tuesday night!

As we were in Germany, I feel it’s important to point out to you all that we were looking for bubbles of the Prosecco kind and not the ones normally contained in water with gas which is so popular with the lovely German people but not always with us!

It goes without saying that after an evening of being fabulous, we had more than a few glasses to help us ‘wind down’. And with that I leave you with the tweaked saying: What happens in Frankfurt, stays in Frankfurt and we will never tell! 

Until next time readers…..

Sometimes you just need to read something that has ‘sparkle’ written all over IT. Together with Fran & Kayleigh it’s my job to deliver twinkly tales of parties, events & amazing adventures to you all!
Love Tracy xxx

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