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Getting gorgeous with Goldwell!

Robbie Williams thinks the Russians can party hard…well he obviously hasn’t seen how a bunch of global hairdressers let their hair down!

Goldwell knows how to throw the party of all parties and we were thrilled when they invited The IT Girls over to Stockholm to host ‘The Poptastic Room’, the most popular room at the Goldwell colour zoom ‘after party’, held at the city’s trendiest venue, Cafe Opera.

Our dazzling diva vocalist, Miss Portia, was sporting a huge, amazing afro that had globally recognised hair stylists, buzzing around her like bees around honey, gushing their compliments.

Accompanying her on the dream IT team were dancers Keeley, Fallon and Jen. Not forgetting of course the lady and fellow performer who made sure that they all got on their flights, that costumes arrived safely, while managing to look electrifying as always (what would I do without her?…) Miss Kayleigh Ross!

The ‘Poptastic’ room was decorated, as what I can only describe, as an Austin Powers 5 star hotel suit; with disco balls, lava lamps, red lip shaped cushions, neon purple sofas, animal print rugs and a bright pink stage just for us! You name it, the Poptastic Room had it all!

For this special performance, we changed direction with our styling and went 70’s glam! And we loved it! In rhinestone shades, silver and gold sparkly bangles, platform rose gold heels, sequined hippy head bands – it was any girl’s dress-up dream! We had so much fun that we spent the night pinching our selves while asking – is this really our job or a retro dream?! #luckyladies

The crowd went wild for our performance – and as was befitting a 70’s inspired night, we invited them to dance with us. The audience needed little to no encouragement as they stormed the stage and boogied the night away to classic floor fillers like Stockholm’s favourite, ‘Dancing Queen’, ‘Proud Mary’ and of course ‘I love rock’n’roll’.  Oh,what a night!

And who do we have to thank for making all of this fabulousness happen for us IT Girls? Why choreographer & creative director genius Mr Kevan Allen of course! Thank you Kevan! And thanks also to his wonderful team of Claire, Paul & Tim who looked after us so wonderfully all evening.

And we mustn’t forget the amazing Sophie Pyecroft from ‘Sophie’s People’ who made sure everything ran smoothly and equally importantly, that everyone was happy.

So thank you Stockholm, what a smashing night we had! And Goldwell…we heard on the grape-vine that you’re going to be gracing the city of Barcelona in 2017…just for the record…we love Barcelona too! #justsaying

Finally, it was an honour to entertain your guests, Goldwell, and we hope that The IT Girls can entertain you all again in another capital city venue very soon.

Until next time in the words of KMS #stylematters

Ps. Did you know that our very own Keeley Dann features in the new Robbie Williams music video, ‘Party like a Russian’? We are so very proud of her and we had to spread the news! #shelooksfabulous 

Sometimes you just need to read something that has ‘sparkle’ written all over IT. Together with Fran & Kayleigh it’s my job to deliver twinkly tales of parties, events & amazing adventures to you all!
Love Tracy xxx

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