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Golden Divas! – Our brand new show!

“Hi Tracy, Paypoint would love to have The IT Girls back this year for their 21st anniversary. The theme is ‘Through the Decades’. Can you put together a dining show catered for this theme?” 

My brain started ticking immediately; oh the music choices that we could pick were endless, the costumes ideas, the choreography; it was all so exciting! Yes, it would be a lot of hard work but soooo worth it! And as my favourite IT boy Sir Richard Branson often says ‘If someone offers you an amazing opportunity, just say YES!’ So we did! 

As we had just shy of a month to get this show on the road., we set to work straight away. Miss Kayleigh Ross rounded up 6 of the finest dancers London had to offer and we were thrilled to have the amazing Portia on vocals & Sarah on sax, making the 8 strong ‘dream team’ complete! 

The oh so lovely Frances Park set to work chatting with Jason, our client, showing why she’s such an asset by taking the time to understand every detail, ensuring that nothing was over looked and that our bespoke entertainment package fitted in perfectly with their running order for the evening. 

Me? Well I beavered away putting the finishing glittering touches on costumes that sparkled and shone just as I hoped they would!!! Yay! It was all coming together. 

The musical arrangement was a perfect blend of songs, creating an effortless, seamless medley that would take the audience on a whimsical, memory-fuelling journey through the decades from the 60’s  through to the present day. 

And now for the choreography. Crossing my fingers and toes, I typed a Whatsapp message to one of my all time favourite choreographers, someone I totally admire and respect for their incredible rare talent and ability to be a genuinely lovely person. The gentleman in question is Mr Kevan Allen. Based in both LA & London and totally in demand I wasn’t sure if he would be available… I waited patiently…my phone pinged, holding my breath I tentatively read the reply; “Hi Tracy .Yes I’m free that date and would love to do it”. With a huge grin on my face and executing little excited stamps of joy with my feet, I now knew that all the nuts and bolts were firmly in place to make this show amazing!

And so the day arrived and it was showtime! We had spent a full day rehearsing the entire show in central London a few days prior to the event and now it was time to set the show on-site. We arrived at the Hilton Heathrow Terminal 5 to meet with our tech production team which was frankly first class, thanks to Jason Noah! With 58 moving heads, 3mm LED screens and a giant LED dance floor, we had the perfect technical backdrop to our music and dance-filled extravaganza!

During the sound check we were introduced to 8 of Paypoint’s directors and thankfully these VIPs did not take themselves too seriously and were up for some impromptu fun as they readily learned a dance routine to ‘Proud Mary’ with The IT Girls! This would be the finale number to our show and a real surprise for all the other guests! #greatsports.

It kind of goes without saying, though we try our best not to boast, that the show went down a storm. I could never have imagined it would look & sound any better! It was sensational and I do believe that the clients agreed. Another resounding success, and an unexpected bonus in that we now have a fabulous new show called ‘Golden Divas’ ( thanks Stacey Foxx for thinking of the name!) We have a feeling it will be very popular! 

My sincerest thanks go out to all involved, as the old saying goes , ‘There is no I in Team!’ 

Images; Thanks to Bronac Mcneil

Client; Thanks to Great Expectations.

Sometimes you just need to read something that has ‘sparkle’ written all over IT. Together with Fran & Kayleigh it’s my job to deliver twinkly tales of parties, events & amazing adventures to you all!
Love Tracy xxx

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