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GR Awards 2017!

The phone rings it’s the wonderful people of Global Recruiters they would like us to perform for the 4th consecutive year at their awards at the decadent Cafe De Paris.

‘Of course’ we say but every year we try to bring something different, something fresh for their guests, so what should we do? Our dancing through the decades, golden diva, glitter bomb explosion would be perfect & drums ….lots of drums. They wanted Animal muppet drumming and we had one IT girl for the job…..Miss Jaz!

Miss Fran (our Ibiza goddess) had all the paperwork sorted & Miss Tracy has the vision, music & costumes all down to a tee.

Now all we need is our Motown beauty Miss Portia & a couple of fire cracker dancers queue Miss Keeley and Miss Fallon and along with myself we have a full house of fun!

This show is so vibrant think Dream Girls meets the Roller Disco and you’re about there! Portia astonished the crowd with her take on One Night Only and the girls dazzled in the gold & silver 70’s get up with hits from the 60’s,70’s,80’s,90’s, naughties and now!

The show of course was a success with an impromptu conga line & a mini dance off on stage – at this point I should point out the guests arrived at 3pm& our show was at 5pm……I mean we can get the party started even in the middle of the day!

We have always adored performing at cafe de Paris you can really feel the history in there and it’s a pretty regular haunt for us – so I was so mesmerised to learn so much about the 1920’s high society hang out – Louis brooks bought the Charleston to London life in 1924 & performed it first at Café DP!

The It Girls & GR awards are in good company too as the debs & celebs over the years have included frank Sinatra, Noel Coward, Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly and even further back Cole Porter!

I can only imagine how opulent and beautifully handsome the whole room would have been.

Horrifically during the second world war Cafe DP was bombed mid band performance – however the troupe of 10 dancers were saved from the bombs and shattering chandelier as they were still in the wings!

Thankfully the only explosions we encountered were the confetti cannons – but what a wonderfully historic piece of architecture to have bang smack in London’s West End….. we can’t wait to go back and hear more tales.

Congratulations to all the GR Award winners & huge thanks to Gary, Jules & Chantelle we’re so glad you all had a ball…..see you in Singapore  😜x

Hello beautiful readers! If you love stories with sparkle you’re in the right place! I’m one of the dancers as well as Assistant Creative Director for the IT Girls. I hope you enjoy my amazing experiences as an IT Girl! Love Kayleigh.

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