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Ibiza is always a good idea…

When you ask your client, ‘Where is your event?’, it’s very hard not to be overjoyed when the response is, ‘In Ibiza, on a super yacht’.

‘Sounds right up our boulevard!’, I thought to myself and so began the plans for the perfect summer party.

As is befitting an event of this calibre, we immediately set to work with our music producers to create a bespoke super glam 70’s intro for the Boogie Nights themed event. When organising a party abroad there is a great deal of emailing involved and I also invariably make quite a few conference calls. One such call was a real pleasure when speaking with James, the captain of our super yacht venue. The yacht, named Thumper, is his ‘baby’ and as thrilled as he was to be welcoming The IT Girls on board, he was a little concerned about the effect that our ‘dancing shoes’ would have on his oh-so-smooth and very expensive decking. 

“James, are you giving us permission to buy brand new shoes that would be suitable for your yacht?”, I asked, “Because an IT Girl doesn’t need any encouragement when it comes to buying new shoes!”

The ‘new shoes’ request turned out to be ‘Captain’s orders’, so of course we obeyed and skipped happily (some might call it sprinting) straight into Westfield! Thank you Captain James!!! 

Shoe shopping complete and final preparations made, the time came for us all to fly off to the world’s most famous boho chic party island to join this magnificent yacht. 6 glorious IT Girls made up the entourage; Chez on sax, the dancing talents of Claire, Jen, Kayleigh & Fallon and completing the line up was the lovely Tamsin with her fabulous vocals. The incredible Kayleigh, as well as kicking up her new heels, also worked her magic behind the scenes with artist management, costumes and setting the show. 

When we arrived, we discovered that the yacht was moored in Ibiza Marina which is, as you will know, home to many of the world’s rich and famous. As we strolled past the line up of fabulous super yachts to reach ‘Thumper’, we gazed at Porschescovered in Gucci logos and a Stella McCartney store filled with this season’s essential ’IT’ wardrobe that is on every girl’s wish list! Families that looked as though they had stepped straight off the pages of Harper’s Bazaar fluttered on and off their yachts and so it’s no surprise that before we even stepped on board our floating venue, we were having the time of our lives!

Although we love to ‘sing our own praises’, credit must go to the rocking DJ, Mr Jamie Porteous, with whom we collaborated to make this amazing night so special. Jamie not only DJs at Nikki Beach (the foremost name in luxury and ‘VIPness ‘on beaches around the world) but he also has his own radio show on Ibizagobalradio.com and has invited us IT girls on air next time we’re in town! What a sweetheart!

So together, Jamie & the Girls got the Boogie Nights yacht event rocking and much to the envy of passers-by, we partied the night away till the wee hours on the stunning Thumper with a backdrop of Ibiza town lit up with twinkling lights. In the warm, Ibiza night air, it was hard not to feel that we were all very lucky ladies! 

So it goes without saying that we send our gracious thanks to Yael & Gary for their kind invite. Thank you both for allowing us all to share in this fabulous event.

And finally…..when the client cites IBIZA as the venue location…… it is ALWAYS a good idea!

Sometimes you just need to read something that has ‘sparkle’ written all over IT. Together with Fran & Kayleigh it’s my job to deliver twinkly tales of parties, events & amazing adventures to you all!
Love Tracy xxx

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