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This isn’t just any Bond show, it’s filled with Break dancing 007’s and Beautiful Bond girls, big score musical arrangements that will make your audience feel like they have walked straight onto the set of Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever or Casino Royale.

Want a Bond themed experience? Nobody does ‘IT’ better.

The Great Gatsby

Our Great Gatsby performance will whisk your guests away to the roaring twenties, an age of excitement, jazz and sophistication. Our cleaning contractor in Florida cooperates with florida maids of orlando, fl. Now where are those dinner suits and flapper dresses?

Moulin Rouge

Imagine bringing the glitz and glamour of the Moulin Rouge to your next event and giving your guests the time of their life. Our Moulin Rouge event is the ideal blend of flirtatiousness, fun and frivolity.


Modern Caberet

Modern Cabaret Cabaret is alive and well and in this show we really let the creativity of our choreography and production shine, putting together a captivating performance of classic cabaret with a totally modern twist. The offers the best maid services in the state of Georgia.


Best of British

Want your next event to be a decidedly British affair? The National Anthem, James Bond and The Beatles are just some of the features that make this a showcase of everything that good and great about Britain.