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IT Girl of the Month August 2016 – Miss Fallon Dee!

‘Is it definitely happening?’, Fallon asked loudly, pressing her iPhone against her ear and putting her finger in the other in an attempt to drown out the noisy buzz of the trendy, London, West End bar. 

As is her habit, Miss Fallon was out on the town with a handful of her beautiful party pals when this conversation took place. As she hung up, she stared at her screen for a split second, digesting what had just been said and then looking up with a sparkle in her eye, she took a deep breath and screamed ‘OMG!!! I can’t believe it!’

Now when most people receive exciting news, they clap their hands a little or put their hands over their months thus demonstrating shocked surprise. But not our Liverpool-born Fallon! Miss Fallon isn’t like ‘most people’ and what happens in her life is well beyond the average person’s wildest dreams so when exciting news is delivered to this burlesque beauty, instead of a tiny hand clap, you’re more likely to witness a high showgirl kick followed by a back bend, hair flick, all finished off with the ‘victory sign’, Posh Spice style. And when you see this mini performance of joy you just know a fabulous booking has been made and a unique event is on the horizon …

‘Guys, I’m sorry…’, she started to explain with the biggest grin on her pretty face, ‘but I’ve gotta go ….I have a private jet waiting for me!!!’ 

And thus, Ladies & Gents, begins a tale in the fabulous life of Miss Fallon Dee! 

Confused? Intrigued? Bewildered? All three? Well allow me to fill you in on the mystery phone call Fallon received that evening.

A huge British rock band (that unfortunately cannot be named)  had just concluded their world tour and to congratulate the band’s global success their manager had requested a performance from the one & only Miss Fallon Dee. She was to perform her famous strip tease number, to Kylie’s jazz arrangement of The Locomotion, as a surprise for the famous rock’n’roll boys.

But this wasn’t just any Burlesque performance Ladies & Gents! This performance was to take place thousands of miles in the air on their private jet! 

At sunrise, the morning after ‘The Best Phone Call Ever!’, Fallon was still feeling the bubbles from the night before but after applying a fresh red lippy, she was ready to wing her merry way to a secret European country to join the band’s private jet that was homebound for the UK.

The captain of this rockstar private jet escorted our Miss Fallon to the cockpit and it was there she waited with her feathers and tassels to surprise the rock band. What a treat they were all in for! Thanks to event organiser extraordinaire, Mr Chris Fitchew, a unique concept was born that Miss Fallon cleverly entitled,  “Showgirls in the Sky”.

*As you can imagine, the event was a huge success and Miss Fallon left the occupants of the plane speechless and in true Burlesque fashion, wanting more. Yet again, she had proven that she can entertain whenever and wherever duty calls (even if that duty requires her to be glamorous and fabulous in the clouds!)*

As you can imagine, the life of Fallon aka Miss Fallon Dee would make most people’s head spin! An exhilarating roller coaster ride of a journey, she loves and lives it with a passion and keeps screaming ‘Go faster!’ when most would apply the brakes. The thrill seeker that she is, she never wants to get off this radical ride that is her life and is grateful for every adventure she experiences along the wonder-filled way.

Even so, while she was enjoying a few glasses of bubbly with her girlies that summer’s evening, she could never have guessed that, in the early hours of the next morning, she would be whisked off to perform thousands of miles in the sky, for one of the world’s most famous bands. 

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is just one moment in the exciting, fabulous and spontaneous life that Miss Fallon Dee leads so effortlessly well. 

For more exciting tales on Miss Fallon please have a peek below at her website profile … Enjoy! 

Miss Fallon Donakey aka ‘Fabulous Fallon’ certainly lives up to her name. No stranger to a festival or a rock & roll rave, she is always where the parties at! In the words of Justin Timberlake ,’She’s bringing sexy back’, which is exactly what  Miss Fallon did when she was selected by JT to perform at Wembley Arena with him in the summer of 2013.

Fashion labels Stella McCartney & Burberry are also huge fans of Fallon’s perfect size 8 figure and she can be seen regularly on the London catwalks parading their latest wears in front of the capital’s glitterati and fashionistas. 

As glamorous as the fashion world is however, Burlesque is what this young lady is really all about. It’s an art form that Miss Fallon has mastered from her days at the ‘Moulin Rouge’ in Paris and her performances with the ‘Hurly Burly Show’ in London’s West End. She has fused these influences to create a Burlesque solo act of her very own which combines class and sass in perfect measures and never fails to please. So when Fallon isn’t busy being a fabulous IT Girl she’s a cheeky, jaw-dropping, Burlesque beauty who goes by the name of ‘Miss Fallon Dee’!

(for more info on Miss Fallon Dee please go to http://www.madameburlesque.com/shows/)

Sometimes you just need to read something that has ‘sparkle’ written all over IT. Together with Fran & Kayleigh it’s my job to deliver twinkly tales of parties, events & amazing adventures to you all!
Love Tracy xxx

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