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IT Girl of the Month – Miss April 2016


We all do it; well us Londoners do anyway. Picture the scene….

You’re rushing down the London Underground escalators, tutting at the tourist on the wrong side of the stairs. You say ‘Excuse please’ politely while trying to dodge that sudden gust of wind which rushes up the stairs from the tunnel and is aiming to ruin your freshly heated, perfectly coiffed hair. All the time thinking to yourself,”Thank god, I left my false eye lashes off this evening! They would have been swept away leaving just the line of glue remaining on my eye lids, while the lashes probably would have found refuge on some bald bankers head.” What a waste that would have been a waste of a fiver (maybe even a tenner if they were Mac!).

But then I stop dead on the escalator (on the wrong side) and let out a little excited shriek. ‘OMG, its Keeley!’ I say out loud. Not in person, but on the underground poster ads! You know, the ones you just can’t help but look at on the escalator walls as you kill time. I frantically rummage for my IPhone and start jogging ‘up’ the ‘down’ escalator. There I am then, IPhone In hand, ready on camera mode to snap an image of this fab poster for a proud Facebook post. I’m mean it’s our very own Keeley Dann looking absolutely glowing in a bridle show advert! But as everyone coming down the stairs is getting a little short tempered with me going against the grain,I give in and let the escalator take me down to my train, smiling like a Cheshire cat to myself and gushing to the bemused stranger next to me  “That was my friend in the poster back there!.”
And the moral of the story? Well if you’re friends with an IT Girl, accuracies like this happen frequently. Whether you’re leafing through a mag in Barcelona and catch one of the girls in a glossy page poster ad smiling back at you or you’re settled in a tuk tuk in India and a bill board jumps out at you because guess what? It has your best friend, larger than life up there, modelling for some global brand…..I love it!

I’m so proud of the girls. Not only when they are being fabulousness personified in an IT Girl show but equally when they are busy being so successful all over the world.

With that in mind then, it brings me enormous pleasure to announce that Miss Keeley Dann is our IT Girl of The Month, Miss April. Keeley has been super busy this year doing bridle campaigns all over the place, being gorgeous as a backing dancer for Rhianna at the 2016 Brit Awards and more recently the prime time hit TV show, ‘The Voice’ called to have Keeley among the talented line up of dancers (yes she even got to sit in the red chairs!!!)

So please join me in congratulating one of our very own stars, Miss Keeley! I hope you enjoy reading a little about Miss April 2016 and our other lovely Itties in the ‘Meet the Girls’ page on our website.

Sometimes you just need to read something that has ‘sparkle’ written all over IT. Together with Fran & Kayleigh it’s my job to deliver twinkly tales of parties, events & amazing adventures to you all!
Love Tracy xxx

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