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IT Girls wow Schwarzkopf professionals

“Yes! You’re mine!” I whispered to myself as I spied a parking space just off of East Londons Commercial road. Seeing a free street parking space in this neck of London is as rare as seeing Kate Moss turning down a flute of Dom Perignon.

So today was all about #Fashion darling. #Hair fashion to be exact. The IT Girls were opening a wonderful Schwarzkopf catwalk show for a global audience right here in the heart of East London.

A team of 9 IT Girls including 8 sparkling dancers (Claire, Marie, Charlotte, Maria, Keeley, Stacey, Fallon & of course Miss Kayleigh who is also our amazing wardrobe guru and artist manager ) And not forgetting the fabulous Portia on vocals. Together these IT Girls were the perfect dream team to dazzle a wonderful creative crowd including hair royalty Mr Errol Douglas.

The Troxy was our venue for this particular performance, this theatre had definitely seen some amazing performances since it opened as a cinema in 1933. It showed the famous King Kong staring Fay Wray to an audience that felt like Hollywood had come to East london! 

Since then the Troxy must have a luck in its brick walls.  In what was known as “The Longest Night” London was subjected to the worst bombing of The Blitz on May 10th-11th 1941 with hundreds of Nazi aircraft peppering the city with incendiary devices and bombs. Nearly 1,500 people died and 11,000 homes were destroyed. The Houses of Parliament, British Museum and many other landmark buildings were hit but although East London suffered badly that night, particularly Stepney, Troxy was not hit.

So fast forward to 14th May 2017 almost exactly 76 years since the blitz the streets of East London look far more peaceful on this sunny Sunday afternoon. 

The spring sun felt so lovely against my face as I walked along commercial road to The grand entrance of the Troxy.


This theatre has seen some brilliant entertainment over the years and The IT Girls were all set to contribute to this legendary venues wonderful performance history. As I stepped through the doors carrying a ridiculous amount of feathers I had a feeling this was going to be a great performance and funny enough I was right! 

Huge thanks goes to Esa Live for making our performance possible. Thank you Mike Esa!


Sometimes you just need to read something that has ‘sparkle’ written all over IT. Together with Fran & Kayleigh it’s my job to deliver twinkly tales of parties, events & amazing adventures to you all!
Love Tracy xxx

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