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JUNE A Mission ‘Possible’!…

Well June is going to be a very busy month for the IT Girls, and we just love the challenge. You see all the sparkles, feathers and smiles, you do not see me up to my eyeballs in bustles and bows.

So here’s a little lo-down of what I do as Artist/Wardrobe Manager and Assistant Creative Director.

We have the busiest girls in the business and we’re so super proud of them for that. As Artist Manager its my role to check their availability for rehearsals and events, trying to lock in sound checks and make sure logistically everyone can make everything work. With a team consisting of 20 Leggy Ladies, Sensational Singers, Dazzling Dj’s and Mesmerising Musicians I can assure you that is no easy task. It’s like playing It Girl Tetris!

Once we have the details its time to get the costumes sorted so they’re perfect for any event, each dancers Signature costume comprises of 17 items so you can imagine packing them up takes some time! We have such an array of costumes already but Tracy has been busy putting some final touches on our new white corsets and also on some new mink flapper dresses so we’re super excited for that, I mean who doesn’t love to dress up!

Our first stop in June is to Frankfurt I can’t wait its going to be a big one as they’re having 10 dancers and its all going to be totally bespoke….pan to me in the costume room packing 20 costumes up and trying to squeeze them into as few suitcases as possible so I don’t look like Buck-a-roo at the airport!

We’re also heading to sunny Bulgaria for a fabulous diamond themed wedding, we know how to rack up It Girl air miles all right!

Then comes the crunch another 5 events all in one week organisation and details are key…and a handy Whatsapp group or two! 

Not forgetting the music…Tracy’s attention to detail is unparalleled. She’ll endeavour to make each show as personal to the event as possible with voiceovers and special song requests (even personal feather fans) which means it’s not as easy as just playing the same music over and over again! We have different shows and an archive of choreography so when a new ‘ittie’ comes on board its my job to teach them up. The hard thing with this is we’re not entirely pure showgirls nor are we commercial nor musical theatre, we’re somewhere in-between all of that so it’s not just learning the choreo it’s also learning the style and I do believe that only comes from experience.

Anyway forget all that backstage hard work that’s for me to worry about basically June is going to be a flutter of feathers, a high kick line, a ruby woo lip and one big fantastic party!

Hello beautiful readers! If you love stories with sparkle you’re in the right place! I’m one of the dancers as well as Assistant Creative Director for the IT Girls. I hope you enjoy my amazing experiences as an IT Girl! Love Kayleigh.

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