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How do we kick off April the It Girl way? Only with a surprise bespoke performance for the cheeky chap of comedy Jack Whitehall!!! As we felt it was time to get creative, we took the Itties through some ‘new look’ moves to a mash up of Taylor Swifts “Shake it off” and “Jack” by Breach. Oh how we do love a challenge!

Jack, caught in a giggling gaggle of our leggy beauties fluttering their fans in Grosvenor’s ‘Great Room’, somehow managed to hold his own for rehearsals…..just! On the evening itself, the guests rolled in with whispers of anticipation about the surprise guest bubbling though the crowd and before we knew it, the moment was upon us – lashes and lips at the ready! In a spectacular display of strobe lighting, we revealed Jack through fluttering feathers to the cheers and screams of the crowd, which really did go wild (for us or Mr Whitehall we have yet to decide!) Like our very own Billy Flynn we paraded him with some seriously sexy struts; he even through in a few hip moves himself for good measure. All in all, could you ask for a better entrance!

To add just a little extra uniqueness to the sparkle and general gorgeousness of the evening, our sensational Miss Fallon Dee shared her burlesque tricks of the trade in feather work and hairography – well….who doesn’t love a good hair whip, right?

And as for the rumours about what really happened behind those fans? Though our perfectly painted lips are sealed (that would be telling) we will admit that, “I want your body, everybody wants your body – Just Jack” was singing in certain Itties’ ears!

I can’t dream up a better way to spend my time than surrounded by all this sparkle, so why not jump on board and join the ride! I’ll be sharing it all, from backstage gossip to some of our behind-the-scenes beauty and fashion tips from different locations around the world – who knows which tropical destination is next?

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