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Living the dream

When you receive an invitation to a house-warming most of us imagine popping over

late afternoon/early evening with an M&S card and flowers & some bubbles in

tow. Depending on the time of year you could be huddled around an open fire

admiring the new cushions while the hosts are quickly explaining how the

skirting boards aren’t finished yet nor are the kids bedrooms nor the

bathroom but they are doing a bit at a time. Or maybe everyone is in the

most popular room in the house ‘The kitchen’ or perhaps it’s summer & in a

moderately sized garden, neighbours admire the new barbie and the trendy

colour of the painted fence that comes with a trendy name such ‘Elephants

breath’ or something in that vein. And then it all wraps up around 9 ish


So when the IT phone rang inviting the IT Girls to perform at a house

warming nothing could have prepared us for what we were about to experience.

The event come round very quickly. The day before I had just

landed from a super summer holiday in Crete and to my delight the UK

September sun was still shining. I hopped into my car (the wrong side of

8am) for the 3.5 hour car journey ahead of me. Can I just take a moment here

to thank my faithful friend Ms Sat Nav . She is intelligent, calm and

knowledgable, its thanks to her that I heard the reassuring words ‘You have

arrived at your destination’

As I drove through the large open gates I felt I was entering ‘Not

just any’ house warming ……. I slowed the car right down to take in what

I was seeing. Whoooooo i said to my self in a whisper.

I made my way up a huge sweeping drive way, perfectly mown grass lay before

me with contrasting light and dark stripes.

Well, I thought to myself if the lawn is a work of art what did this enormous

house look like from the inside! I was about to find out!

As I proceeded carefully up the driveway, making sure not to accidentally run

one of my tyres over this magnificent lawn,I couldn’t help noticing the

choppers parked up! Yep just a couple of casual helicopters on your front

lawn #OMG

I could feel the butterflies in my tummy telling me this was going to be an

incredible event.

The wonderful host of the party is a private man so

unfortunately I can’t disclose the finer details of his insanely impressive

house or the party but let’s just say if 007 designed  houses this would be one

of them.

I honestly felt as if I was in a movie from the moment the party started. The

organisation of this event was impeccable and one of the best that I have ever

seen. As a result the event ran so smoothly that every party dream came true.

Thank you to the amazing Jo Jo Desmond for making this event possible for

The IT Girls and for performing amazing live vocals at the party..

Thanks also to Maria, Kayleigh ( who is also our wonderful artist manger)

Stacey & Jen who made up the dream ‘IT Girl dancer’ team!

I woke up the next day in my hotel and I had to take a minute to gather my


Was it all a dream? Nope just 8 hours earlier I was most definitely ‘living’

the dream!

We have a feeling this house was built for regular parties so we can’t wait

to grace this fabulous home again with our luxury entertainment shows!

So the next time I get invited to a house-warming I fear it might not live

up to this one!

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