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Miss December 2016 – Stacey Fox!

So there I am in the nail bar waiting patiently for my turn while the beauticians beaver away with their heads down with white mouth and nose masks placed neatly over their faces.

I selected my fabulous shellac colour (FYI sparking festive sliver!) BTW what did we do before Shellac ladies? Our nails would last 3 mins before this genius invention now they last 3 weeks!!! Hooray!

That day I actually surprised myself by choosing a nail colour so quickly! So to reward myself I reached for a glossy mag, I glazed at the front cover and noted the gorgeous cover girl wearing the most beautiful wedding dress you have ever seen. Wait!! I quickly reach for my trusty spectacles (Tom Ford frames, cost a small fortune but they were so worth it & I love them!) Now seeing crystal clear thanks to Tom, I see it’s our very own Stacey Fox! AKA Miss December 2016!

She was looking completely radiant on the front cover of this glossy edition of ‘Ultimate wedding magazine’ It was safe to say I was as proud as punch.

Being a cover girl is just one of Stacey’s amazing achievements. Read on for more fabulous facts on the stunning Miss Stacey Fox…..

Booked by one of the worlds most successful brands ‘Disney’ to dance at Disneyland Paris, Miss Stacey Fox twirled around this magical land with her fabulous features that are a match for any Disney princess.

Paris grew very fond of this lovely 5ft 11 beauty and invited her to perform at ‘la nouvelle eve’ where Miss Fox high kicked her way through glittering evenings of fine Parisian cabaret.

British born Stacey was destined for more travel, her talented twinkle toes took her off to dance around India, Italy, Athens and Beirut!

Back in London with a winning smile like Stacey’s of course Sky TV snapped her up as a glamorous presenter for smartlive casino!

In-between catwalk shows and performing with The IT Girls ( and when she’s not driving her shiny black convertible mini home! ) Stacey loves to unwind with a cosmopolitan.

Miss Fox you are one fabulous IT Girl! And our strap line is all about your perfect pins!   #Nothingbeatsagreatpairoflegs

Sometimes you just need to read something that has ‘sparkle’ written all over IT. Together with Fran & Kayleigh it’s my job to deliver twinkly tales of parties, events & amazing adventures to you all!
Love Tracy xxx

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