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Once upon a time in Verbier…

Could we be the luckiest ladies in the world?
When you’re stood on the top of a mountain, watching the sun go down with friends, about to enjoy a banquet in one of Verbier’s most exclusive restaurants I think yes… we may just be!

I mean don’t get me wrong, it takes us a lot to get to that point, rehearsals, costumes, admin, extra cases and a rather long walk up a mountain but still truly thankful to have such amazing experiences with great friends.

So let me start from the beginning of this Verbier excursion – in our tour bus at midnight climbing up the mountain with the legend that is Carl Mullaney blaring our trip anthem Cha Cha *itch! We wasted no time and went straight into La Rouge to see our Swiss family at the DJ Awards. We couldn’t ask for nicer friends out there its always such a joy to see their smiling faces and feel so welcomed.
Next morning feeling fresh Carl, Miss Tamsin and I decided to jump off the side of a mountain under the watchful eyes of Verbier Summits (professional paragliders) what a beautiful experience the tranquility of soaring though the sky on such a sunny day and doing donuts just for fun will stay with me for a life time.

Quick pit stop to refuel at the wonderful and super busy Le Dahu restaurant on the top of La Chaux then miss Fallon, miss Tamsin and I took to the slushy slopes!

That evening before dinner we hit La Rouge for a quick apres ski before being greeted with a man holding wine and glasses for us only to be told we had to trek up the mountain but this should ease the pain!
It did!

And what a trek it was but a beautiful one up to the most idyllic scenery of Chez Deny Verbier’s hottest fondu joint.

Tam & Carl acoustically sung the night away and the audience were truly captivated.
The food and service of Chez Deny was exquisite a true gem of a place & Latte the new owner has the most amazing plans for it.

Next morning and it’s show day. We’d been given the brief of Fairytale – which when you delve closer is actually quite a difficult theme – we had bespoke music made by the ever talented Mark Franks and new choreo courtesy of Kevin Allen so of course the girls were already rehearsing in the morning.
The sun was blazing at La Rouge for lunch and again we cannot thank Raph and Natasha enough for looking after us so well you guys rock……and make fantastic Alice in Wonderland characters!

Soundcheck is always risky business adapting the choreography to fit different venues is a bit like Tetris! The girls were amazing though and we cracked it even if at one point Miss Tamsin was going to have to sing through Sarah’s sax mic!

Show time & E’toile looked beautiful draped in ivy and flowers everywhere Ashleigh from the Lodge had done a stunning job and you could see the elegance and effort in every detail.

Miss Sarah was up first in her sparkling Swarovski sax looking every inch a glamazon and sounding incredible.
Claire and I joined her in our crystal catsuits and fairy wings …… I mean we do love dressing up!
Our vocalist Miss Tamsin continued the evening with a glittering champagne set and our wonderful Host for the evening Carl dressed up as the epitome of fairy tale – head to toe!

The shows were a great success, we got everyone dancing and even more importantly raised lots of money for the incredible Make A Wish Foundation – a charity known for granting magical wishes enriching the lives of children and young people fighting life threatening conditions.

To finish off the night the bubble of energy that is Krystal Roxx took to the stage to play tune after tune! Krystal we love you & hope we get to work with you again very soon.

We’re truly so thankful to have these wondrous experiences our team just gets closer and stronger.

None of this could or would be possible without the wonder woman that is Vanessa, I can’t even bear to imagine Vanessa’s email threads coming up to an event the attention to detail and time and effort. Vanessa we don’t know where to begin to say thankyou for everything you’ve done for us and how you look after us.

Huge thankyou also to our boss of course Tracy Dennis, for always going the extra mile and getting us in shape.

Finally but very importantly a massive thankyou to the girls. Miss Tamsin our beautiful captivating vocalist who has the audience in the palm of her hand as always. Miss Keeleys moments of hilarity had us all in stitches as well as being a stunner on stage. Miss Fallon the absolute whirlwind spinning top has the wildest energy and creates the party! Miss Claire super elegant, talented and a genuine pleasure of a person to know and perform with. Miss Sarah who experienced the magic of Verbier for the first time so talented and such a joyful soul and finally our IT Boy Carl such a competent professional with talent & charisma by the bucket load. A super team for a super event!

Thankyou everyone. Verbier we hope we see you again soon x

Hello beautiful readers! If you love stories with sparkle you’re in the right place! I’m one of the dancers as well as Assistant Creative Director for the IT Girls. I hope you enjoy my amazing experiences as an IT Girl! Love Kayleigh.

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