The rise of the super women (AKA the Super IT Girl)

As I repeatedly drummed my fingers against my desk (little finger first, of course) I thought about where to begin with new costume ideas for my wonderful IT Girls. I mean they are incredible women and deserve only the best, most amazing and creative costumes! I also wanted to celebrate 15 years of The IT Girls being fabulous and producing world class entertainment, not to mention the female friendships we have made along the way.


So as I was staring at the photos spread across my office, studying the huge smiles on the girls faces, taking in the powerful and magical performance images that we are so lucky to have been given by talented photographers over the years, it hit me … “These IT Girls are all most definitely super women” The drumming fingers stopped at that thought…… “super women” I whispered to myself….


So, what makes a super woman?


It’s the women that ‘own it’. The women that support each other.

These women are around us all the time. In everything we do… and they deserve to be recognised!

Every day we share the purpose of empowerment whether consciously or subconsciously. As a result, the world is now recognising that we as women are ‘seen’. We are ‘heard’. We are ‘respected’.

And so, with the super woman as my muse costume ideas started to take shape. I reached for my mermaid sequinned note pad (the pad I use when I seriously mean business) and I wrote a list.


My costume design needed to reflect …








and naturally …. Sparkle!


I then made a call to my friend and costume designer Chin Eze. Chin is amazingly talented and had made The IT Girls a collection of beautiful champagne coloured 1920’s inspired costumes for me a few years ago. Because we absolutely love these costumes for their stylish elegance (as do many of our clients), Chin felt like the natural choice for these next generation costumes.

Chin sketched a beautiful drawing for me bringing the ideas that we had both exchanged to life and I instantly knew these costumes were going to be known as the ‘Super IT Girl’ collection.


As I suspected Chin did an amazing job. The bespoke costumes were everything I had hoped for and more! I chose vibrant red because it’s loud and proud, it attracts attention, but it also radiates power and beauty. The winged design at the back of the costumes floats beautifully as the girls dance, giving an air of not only femininity, but also strength.


And for the head dresses… Everyone knows I love the impact of a tall fabulous ostrich feather. I knew I wanted the girls to wear feathers, but in a ‘woman warrior style’ that would shake up the traditional showgirl look. At this point, most people would think I’m a bit bonkers, but a sparkling diamond of a man named Andrew Fisher from Fish Head Hats is thankfully always there to turn my crazy ideas into successful, fabulous reality!


Andrew has always provided us with the most incredible head dresses, and he didn’t disappoint this time either. He created 6 incredible Mohawk style ostrich-feathered head dresses complete with a rainbow jewel placed delicately in the centre of the girl’s foreheads.


Feedback from the girls has been fantastic. The girls told me these costumes make them feel not only beautifully feminine but, like powerful super women! Except these women are not fictional Marvel characters, they are the real-life heroes that I’m proud to call my IT Girls.


Sometimes they may just be seen as your friendly neighbourhood IT Girl, but I have never underestimated the talents of the Super IT Girl! Now I hope with these new costumes, everyone can see their power, determination and sparkle… just as I do!


Interested in seeing the It Girls in action? Want to add a little super sparkle to your next event? Then get in touch today!

Just like a Circus

‘The noblest of art is that of making someone happy’

PT Barnam.

This was the quote that made me sit up on my sofa at the very end of the movie that everyone and his uncle was talking about some time ago,  ‘The Greatest Showman’, for the simple reason that, for me, the words rang so true.

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Sparkle like you mean it

Birds of the same feather flock together, and when they flock together, they fly so high.”

I’ve always felt at home when travelling and when I say travelling I don’t mean a few miles down the M25. When that plane ticket is booked, I really look forward to different temperatures, different day-to-day rhythms, not to mention the new smells, to seeing and meeting new people, hearing different languages and to tasting new foods. All of these combine to awaken new sensory experiences for me and lo and behold, I’ve written a new chapter in my life – created a meaningful memory, one that’s far removed from the day-to-day grind that we can so easily get stuck in.

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5…4…3…2…1… Happy New Year!!!!!!

Last year (or is it this year?) had to be one of the best New Year’s Eves I have been lucky enough to be apart of!

The IT Girls supporting the Overtones, at the beautiful Hurley House Hotel on NYE, was a match made in entertainment heaven and made for a wonderfully sparkling start to 2019! Sheer bliss!

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Those 2 guys

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