Golden Divas! – Our brand new show!

“Hi Tracy, Paypoint would love to have The IT Girls back this year for their 21st anniversary. The theme is ‘Through the Decades’. Can you put together a dining show catered for this theme?” 

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Verbier 2017

Our love affair with Verbier continues in 2017, we arrived in the alpine fresh air full of yoga hopes and dreams only to be tempted by that altitude and espresso martinis!

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Secrets of being vegan!

They say that your vibe attracts your tribe and in the It Girl camp we have all sorts of ladies, we’ve got our yoga goers, our party poppers,  our dance class divas, our modelesque ladies, our travellers (jealous), our teachers, our show girls & our foodies!

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Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

Christmas Sparkles all over…..

Well where do I begin with December, It was such a whirlwind I think I’m only just recovering!

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Miss December 2016 – Stacey Fox!

So there I am in the nail bar waiting patiently for my turn while the beauticians beaver away with their heads down with white mouth and nose masks placed neatly over their faces.

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Miss November 2016 – Amazing Amy; Around the World in 80 Days (give or take a month or two)!

So, where is Amazing Amy these days? 

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Burlesque beauty to Boxer?!

She looks super trim, super fit and super happy! We asked our IT Girl of the month Miss Maria the secret to her success.

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Getting gorgeous with Goldwell!

Robbie Williams thinks the Russians can party hard…well he obviously hasn’t seen how a bunch of global hairdressers let their hair down!

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