Miss November 2016 – Amazing Amy; Around the World in 80 Days (give or take a month or two)!

So, where is Amazing Amy these days? 

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Burlesque beauty to Boxer?!

She looks super trim, super fit and super happy! We asked our IT Girl of the month Miss Maria the secret to her success.

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Getting gorgeous with Goldwell!

Robbie Williams thinks the Russians can party hard…well he obviously hasn’t seen how a bunch of global hairdressers let their hair down!

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IT Girl of the Month September 2016 – Miss Marie!

In the voice of Jimmy Carr (8 out of 10 Cats style) – if we asked you what Bryan Ferry, George Michael, Nile Rogers & Johnny Marr all have in common? … (cue the Countdown clock sound effect) ….the answer would be … they have all performed with our very own British Born, Miss September, the lovely Marie Rawlinson.

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September Shenanigans

Give me 5 twinkling events in September please and make one of them somewhere super hot! 

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IT Girl of the Month August 2016 – Miss Fallon Dee!

‘Is it definitely happening?’, Fallon asked loudly, pressing her iPhone against her ear and putting her finger in the other in an attempt to drown out the noisy buzz of the trendy, London, West End bar. 

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Ibiza is always a good idea…

When you ask your client, ‘Where is your event?’, it’s very hard not to be overjoyed when the response is, ‘In Ibiza, on a super yacht’.

‘Sounds right up our boulevard!’, I thought to myself and so began the plans for the perfect summer party.

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Alice in the Wonderland of Honiton!

Well the It Girls followed the White Rabbit all the way down the Rabbit Hole to the beautiful remote Deer Park in Honiton.

Armed with sparkles and feathers the girls delighted the guests at Alice’s fabulous 50th!

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