Burlesque beauty to Boxer?!

She looks super trim, super fit and super happy! We asked our IT Girl of the month Miss Maria the secret to her success.

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Getting gorgeous with Goldwell!

Robbie Williams thinks the Russians can party hard…well he obviously hasn’t seen how a bunch of global hairdressers let their hair down!

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IT Girl of the Month September 2016 – Miss Marie!

In the voice of Jimmy Carr (8 out of 10 Cats style) – if we asked you what Bryan Ferry, George Michael, Nile Rogers & Johnny Marr all have in common? … (cue the Countdown clock sound effect) ….the answer would be … they have all performed with our very own British Born, Miss September, the lovely Marie Rawlinson.

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September Shenanigans

Give me 5 twinkling events in September please and make one of them somewhere super hot! 

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IT Girl of the Month August 2016 – Miss Fallon Dee!

‘Is it definitely happening?’, Fallon asked loudly, pressing her iPhone against her ear and putting her finger in the other in an attempt to drown out the noisy buzz of the trendy, London, West End bar. 

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Ibiza is always a good idea…

When you ask your client, ‘Where is your event?’, it’s very hard not to be overjoyed when the response is, ‘In Ibiza, on a super yacht’.

‘Sounds right up our boulevard!’, I thought to myself and so began the plans for the perfect summer party.

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Alice in the Wonderland of Honiton!

Well the It Girls followed the White Rabbit all the way down the Rabbit Hole to the beautiful remote Deer Park in Honiton.

Armed with sparkles and feathers the girls delighted the guests at Alice’s fabulous 50th!

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Talk About Putting the B in Bespoke! We Really do go to Great Length’s and I’m Not Just Talking About The Legs!

Bending over backwards is all in a day’s work here at It Girls HQ and Miss Mamma Dennis loves nothing more than to sweat the small stuff, because it really is all in the detail!  We aim to go above and beyond your expectations with that personal touch of ‘Ittiness’ that’s just right for you.  So here’s 8 ways we put the B in Bespoke to make sure no two events are the same…………


Girls Girls Girls!

First things first, aside from being stunningly mesmerising our lovely ladies all have unique personalities and fantastic life stories.  “Blondes and Brunettes and Redheads Oh My!”  With an ever-expanding troupe the choice is all yours.  From the globe-trotter travellers and the yoga fanatics to the west end starlets and multi-linguist academics.  Feel free to curl up with a cuppa and get lost in the bios, to choose your favourites and get to know the girls before they even arrive


Girl dress upScreen Shot 2016-07-29 at 18.35.07

The Dress Up Box

Who doesn’t strive for the perfectly coordinated outfit?  So it’s really not our style to ever turn up clashing with your beautiful event space.  We’ve a treasure trove of costumes, needless to say, full of sparkle and ready to compliment the look of your night.  With our ever popular black or silver signature costumes we’ve been known to really mix things up to match the brand colours.  For our annual GR awards we laced up all our lovely corsets in orange ribbon and swapped orange feathers into our headdresses….lest we not forget the bespoke orange garter to set it off!  We know how to keep the CEO smiling and those post event pics ready for the company magazine.  Whatever the theme rest assured we’ll find something slinky to slip into.


See a selection of our Costumes in action!


Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 18.32.40Sing

Sing it to me!

Serious time and research are spent selecting just the right songs to take your audience on a journey, and our show-stopping vocalists have a selection of specially crafted shows seamlessly edited to the highest standard.  Then come the questions…… “Can we have Prince ‘All That Glitters ain’t Gold’ because we have a gold confetti drop?”   “Ummmmm….Sure thing” we say.  “Can we have ‘For your Eyes Only’ in my Gatsby show because it’s really personal to me?”   We say “Well it’s your party after all!”  If it means something to you then we’ll love performing for you – we’ll get by on artistic licence 😉  Our versatile vocalist have been known to jump into a re-jig with only a few days to spare, bearing in mind we’ve searched high and low for just the right edit, and found the perfect place for it to sit in the show of course.


waitressScreen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.21.28

Creative Choreography

Our fail-safe shows have all the signature moves but need something tailor made?  We’ll choreograph something that’s just the ticket.  We’ve had a team of ten beauties perform a bespoke routine in Heidelberg, all set seamlessly around helping Marilyn out of a giant birthday cake for the grand finale! We’ve even taught the Pit Bull ‘Fireball’ dance for a lovely client who was obsessed with it (who knew there was one!) We threw in some sparkler fountains for good measure of course.  Need a surprise entrance?  No problem, we’ll masquerade as waitresses topping up cocktails in the crowd only to whip off our specially made outfits to reveal our glitz right on cue.  We’re even going all 70’s soon for a bespoke interactive Karaoke event where the It Girls become your music video (so much fun!).  Now, every celebrity needs a unique walk on and what better backdrop than this leggy lot!  Tailored just right for the tone and personality in question we make sure we work that space and hit all the right camera angles.  From Richard Branson to Alan Carr and Jack Whitehall, we know celebs never do as their told so it’s a good job we’re pros and prepared for the unexpected!


Watch our Surprise Waitresses!! (from 30sec)


SP 1!!SP 2!!

Special Mentions – It’s all about YOU!

Let’s face it, we like to make an entrance and there’s no need for a comépre with our fantastic voice-of-god introducing each and every It Girls show to build that anticipation……it’s all part of the package. Someone’s birthday?  Our short and sweet ‘birthday set’ pulls the spotlight right onto them as the girls flutter around their table till they’re all red in the face and smiling, and what better time to bring on the cake?  Whatever the occasion we’re happy to shout it from the rooftops – birthdays, company achievements and awards ceremonies, rest assured our vocalists are on hand to perfect their wording and make a fuss over the mic, so let’s raise a glass to that!


Check out our Charleston with Branson!


Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 20.56.10Apres ski

Location, Location, Location!

No two settings are the same and over the years we’ve become accustomed to stepping off the stage and galavanting onto the set of your choice.  From catwalks and luxury yachts to poolside parties, we’ve come up with nifty solutions to ensure our fabulous ladies shine anywhere.  “The girls will need to dance on the deck but you can’t wear those stilettos!”  Gasps of horror ripple through the room but we make it work (nothing a bit of cork and rubber and can’t fix).  We’re more than happy to work our show to your needs so if that means jumping in the latest Bentley motor, pass us the keys we’re in!  From dancing across Tower Bridge to balancing on the rooftops of Verbier chalets I’d say we’re a pretty fearless bunch of femme fatales.


Beautiful Sardinia with the Diamond Boys!


Fallon DeeScreen Shot 2016-07-29 at 22.02.58Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 22.09.11

Want more? We’ll give you more…..

The ‘It Girl family’ spread our wings far and wide and if there’s something extra you’re looking to add we have a trusted collective of performers we love to work with – you can pick and mix and sprinkle that extra flavour how you see fit.  We’ve sensational sax players, percussionist, and hot-to-trot DJ’s.  Fancy a Swarovski encrusted aerialist to swing from the chandeliers?  We know just the person, and let’s not forget our jaw-dropping It Boys who always create a stir.  Double acts?  Look no further than our favourite quartet the Diamond Boys who add that instrumental layer to our Gatsby show.  Last but not least our stunningly flirtatious Miss Fallon Dee, famous worldwide for her racy yet cheeky routines she’s certainly not one to miss!


GuestsScreen Shot 2016-07-29 at 22.43.35

Strike a pose there’s nothing to it!

So we’ve put in all those extra touches and by now we bet you’re feeling pretty special – it’s time to capture that magical moment!  We love nothing more than really getting into the thick of it and making sure everyone’s up dancing, and with an array of fun props to spread through the crowd we’ve never failed.  Once those feathery fans and light up hearts get in the mix there never anyone left sitting (as to be expected we’ve lost a few props along the way to those who grew a bit too attached!)  With your professional event ‘paps’ snapping away and your selfie-obsessed guests in a frenzy, everyone feels like part of the show. What better way to end the evening than with a lasting memory  – everyone has their own inner Ittiness! Trust us!


So there you have it!  Just a selection of the ways we at the It Girls  deliver tailor-made packages to fit your event.  Our famous classic shows never fail to disappoint but if you’re looking for something a bit more specific you’ve come to the right place.  With years of experience we’re confident we know just how to please any crowd and with each and every event comes a whole new challenge and we’ll rise to it every time.
So get dreaming and leave the reality to us……………

The pleasure is all ours!


Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 11.03.38

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