IT Girl of the month – Miss May!

Perhaps it’s the porcelain skin and long shiny blonde locks or maybe it’s the adorable international accent & gentle kind manner which make you warm to Miss Jen immediately. Either way none of these qualities hint at the fact she was born miles away from London town where she now lays her sparkly headdress. Jen was in fact born in Uganda, moved to Kenya and then Zimbabwe (hardly the Sweet Valley High story you would expect to hear when first meeting her). This young lady has travelled far and wide, becoming fluent in Italian, German, Spanish and French along the way.

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IT Girl of the Month – Miss April 2016


We all do it; well us Londoners do anyway. Picture the scene….

You’re rushing down the London Underground escalators, tutting at the tourist on the wrong side of the stairs. You say ‘Excuse please’ politely while trying to dodge that sudden gust of wind which rushes up the stairs from the tunnel and is aiming to ruin your freshly heated, perfectly coiffed hair. All the time thinking to yourself,”Thank god, I left my false eye lashes off this evening! They would have been swept away leaving just the line of glue remaining on my eye lids, while the lashes probably would have found refuge on some bald bankers head.” What a waste that would have been a waste of a fiver (maybe even a tenner if they were Mac!).

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The It Girls in the Seychelles!

Whats an IT girl to do when the phone rings and asks her to jump on a plane from rainy London town and head to the Seychelles for the weekend……….GO! …….and thats exactly what we did bikinis and feathers packed what else would we need?

Paradise did not disappoint the sun, sea and sand beneath our feet was pure heaven and even with zero sleep and a 13 hour flight we knew how lucky we were.

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Just Jack!


How do we kick off April the It Girl way? Only with a surprise bespoke performance for the cheeky chap of comedy Jack Whitehall!!! As we felt it was time to get creative, we took the Itties through some ‘new look’ moves to a mash up of Taylor Swifts “Shake it off” and “Jack” by Breach. Oh how we do love a challenge!

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Electric Carousel

Well, what a cork-popping couple of months we have had down at the eccentric, eclectic ‘Electric Carousel’. It’s not often that we do a residency in any one venue as we’re always nipping here and there spreading our fabulousness globally at private events, so it was a rare treat to be in one place for a while and we had a BLAST!

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Verbier Chalet 14

We love our annual trip to Verbier-true, we’re not amazing skiers (yet!) but we love to soak up the excitement of slope seekers and apres-ski party goers. Normally the pleasure is but once a year so imagine our delight that we’ve been asked to perform 3 times so far this year!
Our most recent trip has been to Chalet 14, one of the most beautiful snow chalets that Switzerland has to offer. We tricked our guests into believing we were waitresses (although our false eye lashes may have been a dead giveaway) before revealing our glitzy signature showgirl costumes beneath our aprons.

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Well the IT Girls thought it would be ‘dark & stormy’ in Berlin but the Tequila sun definitely did rise!

Straight off the plane & to soundcheck on our jenga style stage the It girls were thoroughly looked after at Cisco live 2016.

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Valentines Day

Well it maybe chilly in London town but it was HOT HOT HOT in the Rah Rah rooms last night. The IT Girls entertained a wonderful loved up Valentines audience with sparkles, hearts and feathers galore.
We joined the captivating Amber Topaz for a live rendition of All That Jazz, whilst the band played double time to keep us on our high heeled toes.

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