Miss. Claire Rodgers

We are so all excited to have Miss Claire back among The IT Girl gang! While away from us, this blonde beauty has been busy playing the sassy Penny in every girl’s favourite musical, ‘Dirty Dancing’ as well as performing in Fosse’s famous masterpiece ‘Chicago’. So you can imagine how thrilled we are to have her sparkling talent back in the wonderful world of the ‘IT Girls’.
For those of who don’t recall Miss Claire’s pedigree; our little bombshell graduated from Millennium Performing Arts before going on to work with two of the world’s most high profile show business names, Daniel-Day Lewis & Penelope Cruz in the 2009 block buster ‘Nine’. And it didn’t stop there; Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson & Sophia Loren have all performed alongside our stunning Claire and we’re bursting at the seams with pride to share this with you! PS; she has also been a Moulin Rouge showgirl Ooh la la!
In between working with the stars, Miss Claire loves to recharge and rest those lovely showgirl feet in Italy while closer to home you will find her with a glass of the finest bubbly in hand at Quo Vadis in London’s trendy Soho.
Ladies and Gents, you’re all very lucky to have such a wonderful, talented dancer performing at your events, so let’s hear it for the beautiful Miss Claire Rogers!

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