Miss. Dunja

“No praise can be too high for violinist Dunja Lavrova. She proves herself on a level of the great fiddlers of the past” – The Independent

Once upon a time, her first choice of instrument might have been the trumpet, but these days Dunja Lavrova’s violin is an extension or even an embodiment of herself. Dunja dreams, lives and breathes music.

With her attention to detail, discipline and technical virtuosity combined with her  free, creative and rather spontaneous attitude, it is no wonder that she has won the hearts of so many listeners worldwide.

Born in Russia and living in the UK since her early teens, Dunja’s cultural diversity is evident in her attitude towards music. She feels just as at home taking centre-stage or as a soloist or leader. She is as passionate about playing baroque violin as she is about performing Tango, Jazz and Gypsy music.

Miss Dunja is also no stranger to jamming with her electric violin along side DJ’s within UK & international clubs and as an addition to a champagne reception she is undeniably perfect.

All of these elements make Miss Dunja an invaluable addition to the IT Girl show!



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