Miss Fallon Donakey

Miss Fallon Donakey AKA ‘Fabulous Fallon’ certainly lives up to her name. No stranger to a festival or a rock & roll rave Miss Fallon is always where the parties at! In the words of Justin Timberlake ‘she’s bringing sexy back’, which is exactly what Fallon did when she was selected by JT to perform at Wembley Arena with him in the summer of 2013.

Fashion labels Stella McCartney & Burberry are also fans of Fallon’s perfect size 8 figure, however as glamorous as the fashion world is, burlesque is what this young lady is about. It’s an art that Miss Fallon has mastered from her days at the ‘Moulin Rouge’ in Paris and her performances with the ‘Hurly Burly Show’ in London’s West End.

She has fused these influences together and created a Burlesque solo act of her very own. So when Fallon isn’t busy being a fabulous IT Girl she’s a cheeky jaw dropping burlesque beauty that is ‘Miss Fallon Dee’


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