Miss Stacey Foxx

Booked by one of the worlds most successful brands ‘Disney’ To dance at Disneyland Paris, Miss Stacey Foxx twirled around this magical land with her fabulous features that are a match for any Disney princess.
Paris grew very fond of this lovely 5ft 11 beauty and invited her to perform at ‘la nouvelle eve’ where Miss Foxx high kicked her way through glittering evenings of fine Parisian cabaret.
British born Stacey was destined for more travel, her talented twinkle toes took her off to dance around India, Italy, Athens and Beirut!
Back in London with a winning smile like Stacey’s of course Sky TV snapped her up as a glamorous presenter for smartlive casino!
In-between catwalk shows and performing with The IT Girls (and when she’s not driving her shiny black convertible mini home!) Stacey loves to unwind with a cosmopolitan.
Miss Foxx you are one fabulous IT Girl ! Xxx

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