Miss. Sinta Soekadarova

Baileys on ice anyone? Miss Sinta may look familiar to you as she was the famous face of the 2012 Baileys advert, which isn’t surprising really with her tumbling main of long glossy black locks and coco creamy skin and a figure that we would all die for. So it’s understandable that sports brands Nike,Adidas & Puma had to form an orderly queue to book Sinta for fashion shows both internationally and within the UK.

Miss Sinta is half Indonesian & half German which equals a whole lot of fabulous and she has the tastes to match so boys, if you’re trying to impress Miss Sinta, forget the old fashion drink offer and go for a Gucci bag as Sinta is a fan of luxury fashion designers and has a designer wardrobe to suit all occasions.

Despite what you might think though, Sinta would prefer a chilled sparkling water & some great conversation over spending a night in a club and her genuine interest in you as a person leaves you feeling as special as she is! Saying that, when Sinta hears A-ha’s ‘Take on me’ she’s usually the first to be up and throwing some shapes on the dance floor!

And for these reasons Miss Sinta is one of our favourite IT girls!

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