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September Shenanigans

Give me 5 twinkling events in September please and make one of them somewhere super hot! 

Wow this year! Well it’s like we have a genie lamp and our wishes are granted every time we make one or by just casually saying in our girly backstage banter ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if we were on a sunny beach this week?” and then bang! the IT phone rings and we are jetting off to Sardinia !!! #believe. Wishes may come true for us IT Girls but they also come with their fair share of challenges. But I’ll explain about those shortly.

I haven’t told you about August have I ??? Oh goodness I’m so behind with updating you on all the IT Girl gossip!

It’s British summertime for us Brits and the festival season is in sparkling swing. Our fabulous friend and events producer, Mr Sean Canning called and told us he was working alongside ‘Comedy Central’ for ‘Friends Fest’. He explained how they were putting on a fabulous festival to celebrate the ‘Friends’ series being available in HD. Being the most popular TV show of the 90’s and still as popular as ever, it obviously needed its own festival. And of course, to make sure that the event had the right degree of class and glamour, we were called upon. We even got a pic taken with lovely Phillip Schofield and brushed shoulders back stage with, OMG, Janice aka Maggie Wheeler, (Chandler’s pre-Monica girlfriend in the show). We were blessed with a glorious summer’s evening for this fun occasion and  huge thanks must go to Sean canning for making it possible for us to be a part of it. Mwah!

So September….. Wow, what a month!

It all began with jetting off to Sardinia to entertain a very exclusive repeat client of ours. Everything was in place as the girls prepared to catch the last of the summer rays until….. wait!….one costume-filled bag filled didn’t make it to Sardinia!!! Not again. This was ‘Bagless in Bulgaria’ revisited (see my June blog post for further details on that little incident)! But this time it was ‘Suitcase-less in Sardinia’! Fortunately, the girls still had another suitcase which arrived safely with costumes intact but the lovely Itties nevertheless had to make a mad dash to buy new dancing shoes for the show! A word of warning to you fabulous ladies who are a size 40 shoe. If you’re looking for your perfect size 7 heels in Sardinia, you better look hard as they are very thin on the ground as we discovered. But found them we did and of course the show went on.

Needless to say, the evening was a resounding success with the outstanding Portia Emare on vocals and Fallon, Liz, Keeley & Jen as our Ittie dancers. Job done! Unfortunately, on the girls’ return to Heathrow, there was still no suitcase and not only that, no one could tell us where the shoe-filled item was to be located!!! ‘Het-up in Heathrow’!!! I mean, how can a case be lost without a trace when technology today is as advanced as it is? How is it that my iPhone knows who I am from my finger print and yet the airline failed to locate one little suitcase full of precious shoes? Losing the contents of that missing suitcase was the equivalent of losing a Chanel bag! #devastated

 So the days and weeks went by and just as we had come to terms with the fact we wouldn’t see the case or its contents again, lo and behold a courier turns up, out of the blue one evening, and returns our beloved lost property!!! We felt so triumphant! Maybe even more than Andy Murray did when winning Wimbledon in 2013 and Morrison’s changed its front sign to ‘Murray wins!’ So the old saying does ring true after all and ‘good things do come to those who wait’! 

Reunited with our case of costumes, the September days and nights flew by- we entertained a lovely joint birthday and wedding anniversary in Oxfordshire thanks to TAL Entertainment. The artists included Miss Tamsin Stewart  and IT Boy, Aston Dobson on vocals and our new Ittie saxophonist, Miss Stacey and I can safely say that this party was a huge success!

The next sparkling September event was at London’s luxury 5 star hotel, The Rosewood in High Holborn for the Simone Cowland Trust charity event at which we were teamed with those talented and gorgeous Diamond Boys. They are incredibly ‘dishy’, as my lovely mum would say, and they certainly sparkled as they serenaded the SCT champagne reception guests with their brilliant live music and cheeky vocals.

But there was to be ‘no rest for the wicked’, as the girls slipped into their fishnets on a Wednesday evening recently for a lovely mid-week awards dinner. We are happy to help you party even on a school-night!

And last, but by no means least, we are super proud to announce that we will be performing our fabulous five package with Portia Emare on vocals at Freedom Bar in Soho on the 29th of September. Show time for you night birds is 11.30pm and we can’t wait to bring some sparkle to London’s sizzling and sassy, Soho society. See you party people there! 

Oh and did I mention that we are jetting off to Stockholm for the Goldwell Colour Zoom After Party during the first week of October? No? Well I have now and fear not, I will fill you in on all the gossip as soon as we return.

Till then, Happy End-September and….


Sometimes you just need to read something that has ‘sparkle’ written all over IT. Together with Fran & Kayleigh it’s my job to deliver twinkly tales of parties, events & amazing adventures to you all!
Love Tracy xxx

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