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Shaken but not stirred…

Diamonds, secrets, love, deceit, 007s, villains, enchanting girls and vintage glamour; all the elements sure to entice and excite audiences of any age. From your grandparents to your children, and any range of employee age groups, everybody loves a good spy caper, especially if James Bond is in the mix.

When it comes to Bond, everyone has their favourite. For some, it’s Sir Roger Moore or Sean Connery for those younger members of the public it’s more likely to be Daniel Craig filling the tux of the most famous spy in the world. Regardless which is your preferred 007, there is something for everyone when it comes to…”Bond …..James Bond” – cue famous theme tune and a silhouetted pose in a swirling circle.

Bond has been around far longer than smart phones and despite his age (he must be at least 70 by now!), constant recasting and the clever reinvention of the brand, have meant that he has never lost his sex appeal or his charm. It seems only logical then that a Bond themed party night should be on the menu. Who could resist an occasion that draws you in with an invite to lose yourself in your imagination rather than in the latest Instagram post. Better still at a Bond themed party, the intrigue begins before you even arrive; have you come as a villain or as the hero himself; as the damsel in distress or as the karate-kicking Bond girl who can hold her own against any bad guy? Or perhaps you decide to keep your fellow guests in suspense as to your true alliances and change sides half way through the story as so often happens in Bond films.

Why am I writing about this theme, you wonder, when there are so many other popular themes at the moment? Well as you know. although us IT girls are all about female empowerment, we love working with male artists and we have always offered a little taste of the masculine whenever it has been needed. Our IT Boy dancers, musicians, vocalists and DJ’s have been around almost for as long as the ladies and we’ve always strived to give our audiences a little of both so as to keep everyone happy. You name it, and we have and can blend the male and female talent to suit any occasion. So it makes perfect sense then to include some stunning men into this particular theme and we believe that in doing so we’re onto a real #winner of a recipe. To not put too fine a point on it; we’re giving both our guys and our gals a “Licence to Thrill”.

As you’ve no doubt realised, especially if you’ve experienced an IT Girl spectacular, this is no ordinary Bond show however. This is filled with break dancing 007s and deadly beautiful Bond girls all performing to big score musical arrangements that will make your audience feel like they have walked straight onto the set of ‘Goldfinger’ or ‘Casino Royale‘. This is Bond, IT girl style, with oodles of class, just the right amount of sass and more glamour than you can wave your diamond encrusted revolver at.

Bond is an excuse to lose yourself in a different world, so pop that smart phone down and go and throw some ‘Bond stunt shapes’ on that dance floor. Ignore the twitch, you know the twitch. That feeling that you most certainly have. That desperate unquenchable thirst, no not for vodka martini, but for communication and ‘possibility’. That twitch that has you reaching in your pocket every few minutes to check out the latest media post. Let go of that urge to connect with something outside; let yourself go and dive into the fantasy that is Bond…

Fancy a Bond themed experience? …Well you know who to send for because “Nobody does ‘IT’ better”!

We must thank Peri Peri for the recently completed Bond themed event at which we were invited to perform.

‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ and with this new event the IT Girls aim to live on for a long, long time.

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