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Sparkle like you mean it

Birds of the same feather flock together, and when they flock together, they fly so high.”

I’ve always felt at home when travelling and when I say travelling I don’t mean a few miles down the M25. When that plane ticket is booked, I really look forward to different temperatures, different day-to-day rhythms, not to mention the new smells, to seeing and meeting new people, hearing different languages and to tasting new foods. All of these combine to awaken new sensory experiences for me and lo and behold, I’ve written a new chapter in my life – created a meaningful memory, one that’s far removed from the day-to-day grind that we can so easily get stuck in.

Unfortunately, I’m typically British when it comes to speaking a second language and the bottom line is .. I don’t and for that I’m sorry ☹️ ( maybe in another life ). I do believe however that dance speaks to many nationalities and therefore, in my mind, it is an international language that can be enjoyed across the globe 🌎and the power in that is utterly priceless. Dance, when combined with a melody and the lyrics of a song, can act like salt & pepper, cheese and pickle or peanut butter and jam; the perfect combinations! Together they have the ability to bring out the strongest emotions in both the performer and its audiences, transcending language barriers to create a moment that will stay with everyone long after the performance has ended. So in hindsight, perhaps I do speak another language, one that can be understood by everyone regardless of nationality.

I am one of the choreographers, the Creative Director and founder of The It Girls which is based in the UK and I’m a huge aficionado of feathers and all things glamorous. For me and anyone who’s seen our shows, there’s just something about the elegant way an Ostrich feather fan moves that makes it the perfect dancing partner for any occasion!

So back to my trip; what started off to be, what some might say a slightly selfish venture, to explore the city of Ho Chi Min, in reality became an opportunity for me to share my unique style of dance with dancers in Vietnam. Because dance and travel are two things that really excite me, what actually happened was so much more than just a sightseeing tour for yours truly. I managed to combine both my thirst for new experiences with the opportunity to share and spread my love and passion for dance. Through fulfilling my own desire for happiness, I succeeded in transferring that happiness, that ‘feel good factor’ which starts on the inside, to some special women who joined me at my ‘Sparkle Like You Mean It’ workshop in District 2 of the city.

These were women/ dancers/ artists who wouldn’t normally walk into my daily life if it hadn’t been for this trip. Over the course of the workshop, It was so amazing to see them all glow from the inside as their eyes lit up when each was handed a twinkling 1920’s style head band to wear during the class. To complete the look, I gave them all a large, beautiful ostrich feathered fan that was to be their dancing partner for the 90 min workshop.

My style is somewhat quirky but classy as I love to fuse timeless dance combinations from the roaring 20s with my choreography gleaned from my experience as a showgirl at The Lido de Paris. Commercial dance is also a style I’m a big fan of so I enjoy blending that in with the vintage flavour of the retro moves.

My song choices for the workshop included Nat King Cole, some Electro-swing and to finish off, we danced to some fun and feel-good Whitney remixes because after all, it was the weekend and thus time for a party!

My ‘Sparkle Like You Mean It’ international workshops are about coming together and feeling good from the inside-out wherever your country of residence. I’m particularly interested in bringing these workshops to different, less westernised countries across the globe like Vietnam and in the process to meet more amazing women and to celebrate sisterhood on an international scale through the beauty of dance. So watch this sparkly space for the next adventure that awaits me and my trunk full of fabulous, feathered fans!

Thanks to Dan Centre Ho Chi Min for having me and for donating the monies raised for this class to the disabled class held at this amazing dance centre. I look forward to my next adventure to the Far East and to bringing more sparkle into the lives of women across the globe.

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