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Surely not everybody was Kung Fu Fighting? (oh, but they were!)

Once again, The IT Girls succeeded in uniting a room full of exclusive party goers to ensure The IVY Manchester was ‘the best place to party’.

Situated in Manchester’s city centre, which is the commercial and cultural hub for 2.8 million people in the Greater Manchester region, the Ivy is just one of the newest and chicest establishments to appear recently. Although Manchester has always been a centre for alternative style and music, it is fast becoming the cultural centre of the North as further developments continue to spring up around the city, making it a real go-to destination for fashionistas and trend setters!

The Ivy, like it’s namesake in London, is a swanky, establishment offering traditional English dishes & fabulous cocktails in a supremely sophisticated atmosphere and so we were delighted when the Young Guns group asked The IT Girls to host the launching of the Asia Ivy Room.

Let’s just take a pause here to mention just how incredible this room is; it is utterly beautiful in every way. The first thing you notice upon entering this restaurant is the  under-lit electric, jade green glass floor. This is complemented beautifully by the Japanese pink blossom draped around the room which, combined with traditional Far Eastern wall art, make it hard to believe that you’re actually in the heart of Manchester and not in Shanghai or some other exotic destination in the Far East. The elegance and sophistication that embellish the room made it the perfect setting for our bespoke oriental shows which were prepared exclusively for this event.

The occasion? Well it was the relaunch party for the Ivy Manchester so adding the ‘fun’ element into the mix was essential! Hence why, although glamorous and sophisticated to the max, later that evening we had the entire room in full swing and singing ‘Everybody was Kung Fu fighting! …. Do do do do d d d do .. those kids were fast as … ‘. Well…you get the idea, I’m sure.

Heading up the dream team line up for this amazing event was the dashing IT boy himself,  Mr Steve Wright. As usual, Steve delivered an impressive performance of silky smooth vocals, while his electric energy and his dazzling suits made for the perfect recipe. Full of style and charm, Steve gave the crowd a superb set list of some old and new classics from the likes of Ed Sheeran, Lionel Richie, and Bruno Mars, to name but a few.

No matter how good an IT Boy may be though, no evening would be complete without a cohort of IT Girls to add that extra bit of Shanghai Sparkle! Making up the lineup of beautiful Geisha clad IT Girls were Maria, Fallon & Marie, and Miss Jo Jo on vocals was as incredible as always! Steve and Jo Jo’s voices complimented each other beautifully and the audience were enthralled all night long as they blended on each and every track.

Suffice to say, the entire evening was a huge success and we were honoured to be a part of it.

Huge thanks must go to Sammm Agnew and her incredible team, who did such a phenomenal job with hair and makeup and last but no means least, we are enormously grateful to The Ivy Group and Young Guns LTD for inviting us!

We hope that everyone felt as much of the Eastern promise as we did and we wish the folks at the Ivy continued success.

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