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The It Girls in the Seychelles!

Whats an IT girl to do when the phone rings and asks her to jump on a plane from rainy London town and head to the Seychelles for the weekend……….GO! …….and thats exactly what we did bikinis and feathers packed what else would we need?

Paradise did not disappoint the sun, sea and sand beneath our feet was pure heaven and even with zero sleep and a 13 hour flight we knew how lucky we were.

The onsite team in the Seychelles are just fantastic as is the breath taking venue – all top secret mind!
We performed 3 dance sets with Chez as our beautiful saxophonist for the night…..no vocalist on this one it was pure legs.
The audience were incredible as always and even though our hair did not survive the humidity our performance was hot hot hot.

After a night watching the stars we spent a day on the beach and a sunset at the Four Seasons drinking rum out of coconuts and splashing in the sea like the mermaids we were destined to be.
Its hard to describe the natural beauty, the tranquil feeling as the sun glistens over your skin, taking time out to watch the islands Giant Tortoise at 182 years old and the sound of the waves breaking in the distance but boy did we absorb as much as we could in 48 hours and the memories we will take with us for a lifetime.

Its hard to notice sometimes with the hustle and bustle of the It Girls emails 24/7 but I think we are the luckiest ladies in the world to do something we love as a career and to share the stage with each other in some of the worlds most gorgeous venues, the adventures we’ve had and the crazy experiences along the way is all truly very special and I’ll be forever grateful.

Peace and love

Miss Kayleigh

Hello beautiful readers! If you love stories with sparkle you’re in the right place! I’m one of the dancers as well as Assistant Creative Director for the IT Girls. I hope you enjoy my amazing experiences as an IT Girl! Love Kayleigh.

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