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Choose a Package or Design your Own!

Either choose from the artist packages below or if you would like to design a package exclusively for you, consider it done! Want only dancers in your package or just a DJ & Sax? It’s all possible!

(Please note that show times will normally vary without a vocalist.)



The Full Monty

Pack One
Forget 3 we think 10 is the magic number!
More Info



Fabulous Five

Pack Two
The Clue is in the title! #Fabulous5
More Info



Signature Dish

Pack Three
Forget 3 we think 10 is the magic number!
More Info



Extra Sparkle

Pack Four
Introducing IT Boys & our burlesque beauty!
More Info

We’re a versatile bunch and with our genius creative team can find the perfect theme to suit any party or occasion.
We regularly work to a range of styles, looks and even decades, so if you want an idea of just how versatile we can be, check out some of our favourite themes of the moment.

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