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Those 2 guys

I learn a lot from audience reactions; it’s thanks to you lovely lot that I discover what you all want! Obviously I’m not a mind reader; I don’t know what you want for Christmas, (I’m hoping it’s an IT Girl show!); but reading the responses of a live audience helps me to ‘get it right’ and deliver luxury entertainment shows which suit our different clients.

Although standing by the side of stage, watching shows that I have created, is always a nerve ranking experience for me, it’s also very rewarding and makes all the hard work and attention to detail worthwhile when I see just how much our audiences love what we do.

Recently I was standing in the wings, chatting with a repeat client of mine as the show was starting. This particular client has been booking the IT Girls for over 7 years and completely trusts what we deliver as an entertainment company.

‘Those two guys are brilliant’, he said, watching the incredible two male dancers executing some of their own marvellous choreography within an IT Girl show as the crowd cheered them on.

The ‘two guys’ he was referring to are the amazing Pat & Andrius, otherwise & cleverly known as, ‘Those two guys’ #T2G. These super professional chaps are talented, fabulous fun and ooze bucket loads of charm. One is significantly taller than the other which on paper shouldn’t work that well, but visually it is golden as like most successful acts there is always something different that you can’t put your finger on, that can’t be properly explained and can never truly be copied. It’s that little something that makes this duo so brilliant to watch. Though it might not work on paper, be bold enough to bring it to life and ..Bingo! Success can be yours!

I’m guessing most of you have seen the hugely popular show, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and if you have then you may have seen an act that was extremely well received by the judges. The act? An amazing trio called ‘2 ‘n’ a Half Men’ which features Pat & Andrius along with the amazing James. So, as well as ‘Those 2 Guys’, these boys have another string to their bow when two become three!

What these boys have between them is something I look for in my wonderful IT Girls; a unique and magical ingredient that turns entertainment into ‘amazing’ entertainment! They are incredible performers, specialising in acrobatic, street & commercial dance  choreography and though that are über talented, they never take themselves too seriously, are charming with the girls and hand out plenty of respectful high fives to the gents. On a more serious note, underneath the good looks and the killer smiles, I sense a gratefulness in them for what they do, combined with a deep respect for other artists, themselves and each other. These chaps are an absolutely joy to work with and bring huge pleasure to their audiences with their skilful choreography and charisma. They are a fabulous additional ingredient to The IT Girl shows which are always changing shape as new talent presents itself.

But, whatever the combination of artists and musicians, one thing always stays the same; the special sparkle and unmistakable class in each and every one of the IT Girls luxury entertainment shows.

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