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Verbier 2018!

So Tracy has asked me to write about Verbier (2018 Edition)! Where do I even begin?

Verbier is our home away from home thanks to the wonderful Vanessa from The Noodle Collective, she’s a little ninja behind the scenes making everything run smoothly and knowing what you need before you even need it! Her phone book is a who’s who of Verbier Elite.

There was no brief or theme this year for the beautiful L’Etoile Verbier but we wanted to mix things up (next year will be the tenth year that the It Girls have graced the slopes!)

So we put our thinking ski caps on and decided on 3 shows each with a totally different vibe!

Show one – The Dinner show, all the cabaret vibes of Paris & the glamour of Gatsby squeezed into a perfect aperitif!

Show two – The Sing Along, yes ladies that’s right….put the champagne down and stand on those chairs we love a bit of Diana Ross and our second show had the crowd dancing before desserts were even served! Oooops! All the shimmy, sparkle and Motown madness!

Show three – The Party Show, now we’re not one to brag but we do know how to get a party started and the people of Verbier are not shy of a party! Catsuits at the ready for ultimate dance offs whilst our beautiful vocalist Tamsin sang a mash-up of old school 90’s classics with a twist!

It was perfect!

Anyway back to our adventures, Tam & I arrived first and were whisked straight away up the mountain to Chez Dany on a skadoo….well the fresh mountain air definitely woke us up!
The food was beautiful and even though they are famed for their Fondu they were happy to make us Vegan Meals so huge thankyou for that!
The only problem with going up the mountain is you also have to get down……queue the sledges…..now I will never understand how we think it is wise to sledge down a mountain after a couple of proseccos yet year after year we do and it is hilarious, exhilarating and plain stupid!

The next day we had a lovely brunch at Offshore cafe our favourite little place for brunch and waited for the rest of our ladies to arrive. I don’t know how we manage it but we are NON STOP chat chat chat when we are together it is the loveliest little non family I have ever known.

Show day is always a busy day, soundcheck, rehearsals, costumes flying about everywhere and we also decided on an impromptu pop up at the busiest apres ski – Le Rouge….
Well obviously in our heads we were going to break into a routine and whack out some choreo – in reality the place was so rammed that we could just about get an arm in the air it was fantastic the vibe there is insane and everyone is just so lovely.

The show that night was a huge success Miss Fallon Dee closed our first show with her brand new stunning ‘Fever’ number, Keeley had the best dance off during Proud Mary & Claire got the crowd ‘conga’ing during our party show, just hilarious!
A truly wonderful evening & special thanks to L’Etoile for looking after us.

Post show day off before the flight home Keeley and I took to the slopes now I’m no expert but I can just about get down now without any falls, for Keeley however it was only her second time ever wearing ski’s – so we took to the baby slopes or what I thought were the baby slopes!
(sorry Keeley!) She was incredible an absolute duck to water especially seeing as her only skiing reference is me!
So we did it we took on Le Rouge and won!

We then had a post Ski relax in the calming and serene La Cordee Spa…..although we were still chat chat chatting, of course!

Our final meal was our favourite Candle lit sunday treat at Le Rouge, they bring a selection of suitable dishes for you to try whilst you unwind and …..chat! It is pure cozy, alpine heaven.

A huge thankyou to the girls for being the best company and for working so hard with all the changes, you ladies are the best! A special Thankyou to Raph and Tash for making us feel so welcome and inviting us back, we will never know how you stay awake you crazy kids, you and your whole team have created something so wonderful over there!
And of course the biggest Thankyou to Vanessa for your time (which we know is super precious) and your support. We love you & all the adventures you have created!

Hello beautiful readers! If you love stories with sparkle you’re in the right place! I’m one of the dancers as well as Assistant Creative Director for the IT Girls. I hope you enjoy my amazing experiences as an IT Girl! Love Kayleigh.

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