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Verbier Chalet 14

We love our annual trip to Verbier-true, we’re not amazing skiers (yet!) but we love to soak up the excitement of slope seekers and apres-ski party goers. Normally the pleasure is but once a year so imagine our delight that we’ve been asked to perform 3 times so far this year!
Our most recent trip has been to Chalet 14, one of the most beautiful snow chalets that Switzerland has to offer. We tricked our guests into believing we were waitresses (although our false eye lashes may have been a dead giveaway) before revealing our glitzy signature showgirl costumes beneath our aprons.

As true professionals we took along our very own AV man, Mr Lucien Lonce, who lit the chalet beautifully for our performance and created a crystal clear sound which sparkled like the snow outside! With the help of our French Business Development Manager, Miss Bee MacGuire, we hired all the sound and lighting from a local company in Geneva, which goes to show that no matter where the event, we can deliver and really do ‘IT’ all!
Needless to say, this wonderful trip was an absolute ‘snow’ ball, not only for us but more importantly for our wonderful hosts and guests who learned some new dance moves while showing us how they could party!
We are so looking forward to our next visit….watch this space!

Hello beautiful readers! If you love stories with sparkle you’re in the right place! I’m one of the dancers as well as Assistant Creative Director for the IT Girls. I hope you enjoy my amazing experiences as an IT Girl! Love Kayleigh.

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